More than coaching.

Build Consistency

Set clear goals and measure progress to rid yourself of bad habits and build or strengthen good ones.

Get effective tools

Solve recurring problems permanently with proven tools that save time, energy and a bunch of headaches.

Sustain Maximum performance

Put it all together to sustain personal performance with less stress and more excitement

Is it Really Possible?

Do you think it’s possible to love your work, do it well, have a strong healthy body, and have deep relationships with your family? — and have it all at the same time?

If you find yourself trading family time, health, or hobbies for …well, your work… chances are you’ve been told (or maybe even said yourself) some version of:

“This is what it takes!”
“This is for my family!”
“I can focus on X when [fill in the blank] happens…”

Here’s your warning.

There are an alarming amount of “successful people” who have lost their families, health, and hobbies on the path to professional success.

… but It’s not because it’s impossible to make all these work together.

It’s because they don’t understand THIS:

The MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE, I mean truly successful… marriage, relationships, health, and YES, career… they have one thing in common…

They use a SYSTEM.

A system that allows them to know with absolute clarity where they’re headed, how they’ll get there, and how to QUICKLY identify and remove obstacles along the way…. Without losing what’s most important along the way.

They’re fulfilled
They’re healthy
They’re confident
They’re connected
They’re happy

That’s right, they don’t justify costly tradeoffs, they LEVERAGE A SYSTEM TO EXTINGUISH THEM.

YES, you can ‘wing it’, put on blinders, and focus all your energy on one area at a time… But that’s like getting one side of the Rubik’s Cube complete while the other 5 are a mess, isn’t it?

This is the exact reason I built the Greer Method Training Camp – The system that solves the puzzle.

So, are you the type of person that works on one side of the puzzle thinking it will ‘eventually’ solve the others?

…or are you the kind that wants the system to solve the puzzle completely?

If you’re the latter, here’s what to do next:

➡️ Register for my FREE, live 3-DAY Training Camp Preview on October 27th – 29th and see how my system is helping ambitious and sometimes exhausted professionals just like you.

Not Ready?

Start with a free challenge

Unfinished Father 60 day Challenge


Do you find yourself thinking about that problem at work when you should be with your family?
Do you feel guilty for not giving more focused time to your kids?
Do you feel like your not living up to your expectations as a father?

Be more present, more attentive and more fun with this 60 day challenge just for Dads.

Joyful Mom 60 day Challenge


Do you struggle to prioritize your own well being?
Do you feel guilty for not having it all together all the time?
Do you feel like being a Mom isn’t enjoyable, and then feel guilty for feeling that?

Learn how to prioritize YOU, feel less Mom guilt and A LOT more JOY in this 60 day challenge just for Moms.

What Our Clients Say

Jared is amazing at what he does. Fantastic listener, phenomenal tenacity and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. He helps inspire, motivate and get your goals in the right place!

Zack Zerrenner

If you want to be successful and you are not willing to invest in yourself then Jared won’t be able to help you, but if you believe in yourself enough to want something more than what you have now then your investment with Method Coaching will take you there.  I am forever grateful for the benefits I have received from my time with Jared and would rather give up my car than my coaching calls.

Mandy Whigham

Greer Method coaching and training camps are just mind blowing – so many “ oh, no way!” moments! The community inside… it’s just so special, engaging, and supportive that everyone feels like family!

Andrew Parrington

Is Coaching Right For You?

You may have never worked with a coach or you might think it’s not for you.

All of our clients are already successful, but If one or more of the following apply to you, coaching can make a BIG difference in your life. 

Coaching isn’t for everyone but if you want to learn and are willing to work, coaching IS for you.

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"The experience was one of the most compelling professional experiences I have ever had. Better than any company retreat or management book. Jared helped me get out of my own way. His method illuminated for me how I was holding my business back."

M. Mago | Google Reviews