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Getting lasting results is about starting slow, building momentum, getting your hands on the right tools and creating consistency while you develop skills and abilities to produce the right outcomes.

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The Unfinished Father Challenge ~ Difficulty: Medium

Even without a parenting handbook, we know a lot about what a Dad can do, or should do. And sometimes, Dads just don’t do it.

Start this challenge and be more present, fun, and engaged with your family.

  • Daily tracking

  • Dad habit building

  • Community access

  • Messaging with coach

The Mad 30 ~ Difficulty: Hard

The Mad30 was built to help you jumpstart your productivity, get back to YOU and spur your personal development

Take note: This challenge is HARD.

  • Daily tracking

  • Habit builder

  • Community access

  • Messaging with coach

Stop the Madness Game ~ Medium Difficulty

Stop the Madness is a monthly game played to help keep good habits present and top of mind. Each month focuses on an area that might get lost in the

  • Daily tracking

  • Habit builder

  • Community access

  • Messaging with coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Momentum?

Momentum helps you change. Momentum is our app designed to help you make real, lasting change in your life and business.

Inside Momentum you will:

  • Receive content

  • Track your progress

  • Message with the coach

  • Support the community (if applicable)

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How does the app work?

Momentum build consistency. When you join a challenge or program in Momentum you'll start receiving content immediately. Depending on the challenge or program, content will "drip" to you one day at a time (you cannot skip ahead).

For each day you only need to read the instructions for the day, take action, and track your progress to accumulate points.*

Content may include:

  • Videos

  • Worksheets

  • Audio learning

  • Competition

  • Leaderboards and points

* where applicable
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How much does it cost?

With the exception of "Training Camp" and "Hell Week", programs and challenges are free.

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