From Frenzied and Frustrated to Focused and Effective

End the non-stop, always on, always behind, pace of life. Walk away knowing EXACTLY how to manage it all.

Get The System That Makes Life Easier by joining the training camp on this opening of this cohort by Jared Greer. This cohort is only open for a week so book your spot right now to not miss out.

Learn the system to engineer the life you want.

You already know and look up to successful, influential, and disciplined people in life and business. They seem to have it all figured out.

And chances are you want to be more like them, don’t you?

You want to know their secret.
Here it is… they do it on purpose, with intention and routine.

They have a system.

But here’s the hard truth.

Without a proven system, without consistency, the right tools and strategies, and without giving your best effort…

You will stay stuck, overwhelmed, burned out.

Show me one person who is excelling in their business, family, and health, without:

  • noticeable discipline,
  • access to resources and tools,
  • consistent, intentional work.

If you’ve already felt the pull. If you’ve tried on your own to organize, create, and improve your habits, routines, and systems…and you haven’t yet cracked the code… this is for you.

How to Enroll For Training Camp
What you get at the end of the Cohort

Client Story: [Andrew Parrington]

What People Say About The Greer Method's

Susan Martin
"The most incredible course"

Jared gives you the tools to progress from stuck to focused.


"Huge investment in yourself and business"

He helped us grow your business and sales and prepared out business for a sale.

Kim Clary

"Jared has walked the walk"

Greer kept me accountable, gave me an action plan. He came at the perfect time.

Mandy Whigham

"The best investment I've made"

Jared is helping me accomplish my goals at a faster rate than I’ve ever done.


"Greer method is the real deal"

He helped me create the belief and vision for what i’m walking towards.

More About The Greer Method's Training Camp

Greer Method's Training System

I’ve helped clients all over the world implement this system with amazing results. They pay me between $5,000 and $15,000 to teach them and their teams this system.

But over the years I’ve seen so many at every level struggle to improve performance with fragmented, incomplete strategies. 

And the result is that too many talented, committed, hopeful people, stay stuck.

This means if you don’t figure out a system and stick to it, you don’t improve fast enough to keep up. Which means you miss out on opportunities that can change you and your family’s life forever.

That is why I want to get this system into as many people’s hands as I possibly can. So they can start seeing massive changes in their lives.

The Program Includes

Actual Coaching Calls With Jared Greer

Even More Testimonials

Your course, your platform, but mostly the community you have built within your program, and I can personally attest to, is a GAME changer. Thank you Jared J. Greer for building this network, and allowing so many dads to really become present with their families.

“Life changing – the tools shared to help you make the biggest difference. The support from the community gives you a sense that you are not doing this alone but have a support group with you all the way. The sessions with the group and exploring their challenges helps understand area in my life that also need attention and focus! It’s the most incredible journey and experience ever.”

“I’ve used values to make decisions about my career path. I created a resume and highlighted my values and set the table with potential managers according to what’s important to me instead of passively trying to fit their values.” 

So I can’t believe that it has been 60 days. It has been an amazing journey. I am feeling so good right now. I am so grateful to you and this program, to the small things that I have put into place in my life that have blessed me so much.

“I thought that I knew a lot after 26 years in education, but I discovered more pathways; to a successful outcome.”

“At first I must admit that I felt the coaching sessions would be time consuming and not beneficial. However, after the first session I began to feel privileged to have one hour a week to be totally centered on me. The comfort level, freedom to speak, and confidentiality was of most to important to me. Each session resulted in self reflection & self improvement. My my first impression was wrong as the sessions were proven beneficial and impactful.”

“I’ve let go of stresses about work that impacted my concentration when I was around them. I have also learnt something huge, that made the biggest thought process and impact, which was to be open and share with my kids when I am having a bad day- I was brought up that you don’t share theses things, but this program taught me how wrong that is and that you need to share this as your kids learn that life is hard. Finally, I let go of my biggest vice – cigarettes, as I want to be healthy and able to keep up and enjoy my life with my kids. With being accountable to my actions, the community and this program taught me that I can do anything | put my mind to. The Greer Method has changed so many area of my life that I can’t explain. It’s opened my eyes up to the actual awesomeness of my kids, how incredible my wife is with them and how much I love and adore them, and now show them.”

“Firstly, what I can say is that I used to spend more time with my kids actually, but, and it’s a big one, I was not fully present. I would take them for a morning to give me wife a break but it would almost be just doing the motions with taking the kids to a park so they can play. I would sit with a coffee and watch them… then I started the UF60 challenge and the biggest lesson | learned was being present with them! Stopping what ever I am doing and listening to my boys to answer their question, not listening to let them feel heard. Game. Changer! Now, every interaction with them is intentional, and with a present dad, who is listening and engaging with the intent to learn and be in their company – being a present dad – what helped a lot was actually just writing every day on my card and saying it out loud-I am a present Dad.”


“The timing of this experience, especially at the outset of COVID-19, assisted me with working through some challenging aspects of this transition including potential interpersonal relationships with coworkers.”

“I’ve always strived to be self aware, but there were some things I wasn’t seeing clearly. Working with you has helped me to realize so many things about the way that I am, the way that I work, the way that I hear things, the way that I interpret things and so much more.”

“I have at least one a-ha moment each session. I truly can’t say enough about these sessions. I had no idea what to expect and now I absolutely rave about my experience to anyone that will listen.”

“I learned that I must reinstitute a lot of scheduled time blocks, be highly intentional with my schedule, learn to say a lot more NO’s and my time and I must be APOLOGETICALLY FIRM!”

“Seriously, the accountability of this app has really impacted my day/day intentionality. Also most of these things are like super low hanging fruit so it’s nice just having the reminders.”

“The modules content and videos explained and helped me get a better understanding of what to do and how to change my habits”

“Prior to my coaching experience, it was easy for me to write off people and discontinue relationships believing that “this is just how they are”. As a result of the coaching sessions, I know how to change my belief to an empowering belief and consider/explore opportunities to influence and persuade others

“Realizing that in my past where I experienced a lot of impact and success I had certain elements that contributed to that success being realized. With Jared I realized all of the structure that helped me realize success in the corporate world I had stripped away when having more freedom in my own smaller company.

“I’ve learned that my past experiences that trigger fear enter into my thought process and critical analysis of others or situations, which, in turn, causes me to make prejudgments that aren’t necessarily true or correct. I have learned to recognize those triggers; change my routine/response; and evaluate the outcome.” 

“The Process! It is a well thought out program. I loved that. There was a method to the madness and it really made a difference for me and how I was able to absorb the information, retain it and walk away and actually implement it in my daily life.”

“Jared is the master at pulling out the real issues and discarding the rest. Then coming up with a manageable, measured game plan to fix the core issues for good. And somehow making you think it was your idea. (It wasn’t)”

Training Camp That Makes Life Easier by joining the training camp on this opening of this cohort by Jared Greer. This cohort is only open for a week so book your spot right now to not miss out. We kickoff on 21st August 2022.


For the DIY-er with little time and interest for community or guidance. Learn the system without live calls or coaching along the way.

PRO + Plus

Leave the old you in the dust. This option includes everything from community + and adds one on one coaching sessions with Jared, the founder, and creator of the Greer Method.

There’s no faster way to grow.

Community + Plus

Learn and grow inside our community of high-performing executives as you crush your goals with camp curriculum, live group calls, and 1:1 messaging with your coach.

FAQ About Training Camp

If you have time to scroll for 20 minutes a day you have time to learn AND implement this system.

YES. Unless you’re someone who is completely happy where you are and doesn’t want to pursue big goals.

It does work, and it will work for you… if YOU work. Plus if you do the work and you aren’t COMPLETELY satisfied, I’ll give you your money back no questions asked.

Our proven process for teaching this system includes coaching, training, measured accountability, and most importantly, a community of people just like you.

You need this system. We teach you exactly WHY and HOW you fear, and how to blow past it with confidence.