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Unfinished Father Challenge

There’s no handbook for Dads. 

If there were, it would need to be updated… monthly. 

Needless to say, being a Dad is never finished. Even without a handbook, we know a lot about what we want to do, could do, or should do. And sometimes, we just don’t do it. 

You’re busy with work.

You’re trying to provide and protect.

You’re trying to stay on top of it all.

And honestly, sometimes being a Dad is the thing that shifts into autopilot.

It doesn’t’ make you a bad Dad.

It’s not on purpose.

But it’s the most important plate you’re spinning.

So if you’re looking to be more present, more connected, and more involved with your children, this 60-day challenge is an excellent start.

Keep the important things top of mind.

And don’t worry, you’ll be part of a band of brothers here to support you every step of the way.

The Challenge:

60 Days Free Challenge
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What People Say
About UF60 Challenge

Dozens of Unfinished Fathers have taken this challenge and here are some of the things they said about the 60 day challenge:

“I am a present dad when I I apologize for losing my temper when the kids did not do their chores. Lovingly help them see the value in it clean home”

“Priorities are changing. I’m feeling better physically and mentally. Looking forward to where I’ll be next week. And the week after that…”

“First day of the challenge was good. Made me more aware of what I do with my wife and daughter. Focused more on them and getting them involved.”

“It is always good to let the wife go out by herself and get some time to be her.

“Sunday was a good day outdoors with the family. Missed football but that time was much better lol.”

“Realizing how much I love spending time with them. Usually take it for granted.”

“I stayed calm when the twins were excitable just before bed I almost snapped but instead slowed down”

“I am a present dad when I remain patient and optimistic with the challenges of my children. I listen, and offer advice when appropriate”

“The handwritten note challenge really struck a chord.  My sixth grade son appreciated my letter so much that he pinned it on his bulletin board in his room.  I may have shed a couple tears.  Thanks for the challenge and for the encouragement of this group.  Wishing you all an amazing day, gents ✌️”

“Good stuff… thanks for the encouragement, gents.  By the way, I wrote a letter to my sophomore yesterday and it was equally well received… in a high schooler sorta way. “Thanks for the love letter, Dad.”  It created a moment!”

“Actually being present and focusing on my wife and daughter. It’s been great and I see a difference in them with me being more present.

“I saw this on LinkedIn and it made me realize I need to spend more time with my daughter. I am always working both at the office and at home and think I am spending quality time with her….but am I?
I want to spend more time with her and include her more in what I do.”

“Communicating more effectively with both my wife and child. This challenge is definitely helping with that.

Ready to become the dad they know you can be?

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