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The Joyful Mom Challenge

About The Joyful Mom Challenge

Moms are champions… but you suffer from too much guilt.


 (yeah, you know it well don’t you?)

Guilt that you’re not doing enough

Guilt that your career takes too much of your focus

Guilt that you’re not devoting every second to wiping faces or winning science fairs

Guilt that every moment isn’t picture perfect and social media ready…

But the truth is, YOU are critical to your family.

This challenge is for Moms ALREADY doing a great job and who want to replace that overwhelming Mom-guilt with overwhelming JOY.

Your family might not even recognize you! 

You’ll feel more free, more appreciated and better about yourself!

PLUS, you’ll be part of a group of Moms on the same journey as you, supporting you every step of the way.

How the challenge works:

60 Days Free Challenge
Here’s How It Works:
What You'll get from this Challenge:
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What People Say About The Joyful Mom 30 Days Challenge.

Dozens of Moms have taken this 60 days challenge. Here are some of the results they’ve gotten from it:

“My biggest win has been being more consistent with my exercising.”

“I felt recently that scrolling mindlessly through other platforms algorithm delivered content is super unhealthy. Actually spending intentional time together with peers is crucial”

“Being conscious as to how I show up today and starting to develop that habit is my goal. Before this challenge I committed to myself to do the little things. This is a little thing that will go a long way”

“Those are all things I have tried to put into my life at different points. Some have been successful, others not. Putting them all together in something like this will help build a foundation to have them active in my life more consistently.”

“Both my employees literally keep commenting how far I have come. I could not even articulate how paid employees could help me before.”

”Overall- I feel more energetic, cleaner about my food choices, and more courageous as I’m approaching life, which is a great shift!”

“Looking forward to push myself to be better mom, better person, better professional, better wife, better friend, better ME!”

“My biggest win has been being more consistent with my exercising.”

“Definitely starting to feel a shift as I keep these intentions top of mind throughout the day.”

“Yes, overall feeling a shift. I’m feeling better about things in life as I add these steps to it. Exercise is finally at the top of my life. I love reading my book as well. And they are becoming more of a normal part of routine instead of checking the boxes.”

Ready to become the best mom you can be?

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