We think transformation should last. Most coaching programs are designed to create a dependency on coaching, thus keeping an ongoing expense for you and a steady stream of revenue for your coach. We think once you’ve been given the tools to succeed and held accountable to use them, you shouldn’t need us anymore.

The old maxim is true, “old habits die hard”. In between the work done during the coaching experience and a lifetime of deeply entrenched habits, lies a crucial period where old habits try to resurface. Without the safety of regular coaching sessions, progress can be lost. Until now, there’s been little more than a ‘sink or swim’ mentality when a formal coaching engagement ends.

So we created ‘Momentum‘ by Greer Method.

How Momentum Works

Momentum keeps new habits and skills top of mind. With highly customizable goals and trackers, you can stay focused on what’s important and track every success in real-time.

Access to your coach keeps accountability high. Your coach monitors your progress and can intervene as needed or when you feel stuck. For those times when a live conversation is best, prepaid coaching sessions can be used at will.

Momentum helps you reach your goals. See consistency take control of your habits while you speed toward achieving your most important goals.

Momentum is the best path to growth. Outside of working with a full-time coach, Momentum is the best way to drive consistency in core habits, build skill and technique and create predictable, sustainable results across time. 

Enroll in Momentum for $39.99 a month.

  • Customizable habits and goals
  • Real-time tracking & progress
  • Group visibility and leaderboard
  • In-app messaging with your coach
  • Cancel any time